File Fx closure legal notice

Under the terms and conditions you signed up to, data was supplied under licence and usage was permitted only for the term of the subscription. The data was not your or your company’s property.

Now your subscription has expired, you may not use or keep copies of File Fx data. Usage beyond the term is a violation of our intellectual property rights. Any data exported (or downloaded) from the File Fx website needs to be removed from your systems including third party email hosting applications or CRM systems. The exceptions are contacts who have made an affirmative indication that they are happy to hear from you. For example:-

* Email marketing opt-ins (note, a recipient opening or clicking a marketing email does not constitute an opt-in)

* Contacts who became customers, requested a quote or asked to keep in touch.

Although no longer offering licences, File Fx will need to defend its residual IP rights to ensure there is no violating usage.  

Furthermore, from May 25th 2018, the enactment of the 2017 Data Protection Act (GDPR) changes the legal basis under which data may be collected and processed. File Fx data does not meet the standards and requirements of this act, data usage effectively becomes illegal unless express consents are in place. There may be legal consequences, potentially severe, if the data is used or obtained by third parties (eg if your system is hacked  you as a “data controller” could be held responsible).

If you still need to promote your creative service then our partner company AGENCY ACCESS can supply a data package closely replicating our own service.

Contact them on 001 631 951 9500 or email Dan Caruso

Again, thank you for your past support and we wish you the very best for the future.

If you have any questions regarding this please email

File Fx LLP
201-202 Upper Street London N1 1RQ
email :